About Giotto :: Vongola Primo

101 Intro:

And thus the flame fires above the sky.. Who is Giotto? In general, Giotto is the first Boss of the Vongola Mafia family. He is a calm leader who cares deeply for his friends and family. He has a strong sense of justice who acts towards what he thinks is right. There was only bits and pieces about him since he have died centuries ago.

His story:
More indepth information about his past life, story, and achievements. Of course, in the world of Mafia, nothing can be peaceful. Wars between families for power, so how did the first boss of the strongest mafia family handled his life and how was Vongola first created?

Thoughts and speculations about Vongola Primo's identity, character based, background, personality, and other. Similar characters that have the same characteristics as Vongola Primo.