Vongola Primo Similarities with other Characters


The characters that are listed below are personally picked based on Giotto's strong identity, background, and personality. I find him easy to understand since his character is pretty much means "the good guy who fight to protect the weak". I ran into four characters that I find interesting as well, some of them are as mysterious as Vongola Primo in which I find it interesting.

Vongola Primo Similarities Shinigami-sama from the series Soul Eater
→ The idea might be bizarre, but I am confident that Shinigami-sama's character is very similar to Vongola Primo. Not that they look a like though. Shinigami-sama or Death or death god, is one of the most interesting characters in the series Soul Eater. Both Vongola Primo and Shinigami-sama are known for being the most powerful and respected person in the series. Like Vongola Primo, Shinigami-sama tries to protect the people that he love by bounding his own soul in Death City; which is his reason why he cannot leave the city. Also, 800 years in the past, Shinigami-sama lead a group of eight meiser and weapon carriers to hunt down witches and prevent a kishin to be born. The group that he founded was betrayed by one of them who is known as Ashura, he wanted to be the strongest of all the group. He consumed his own weapon partner and ate souls until he became what they feared, a Kishin. Which bring us to Vongola Primo's family, where Deamon Spade, his rain guardian; became greedy for power and later betrayed Vongola Primo.

Soul Eater Vocabulary:
Meister » a person who is renowned as an expert in handling weapons. Every students in Soul Eater more specifically Shibusen is partnered with a Weapon. Yes, their weapons are alive and walking.
Kishin » like the dark side, where a Meister eats souls. Usually, Meister's weapons are the ones who eats the souls.

Vongola Primo Similarities Kenshin Himura from the series Rurouni Kenshin
→ Again, weird choice of character since the idea of Vongola Primo being similar to Kenshin Himura is just difficult to understand. But, to me their personality is pretty much the same. Both Kenshin and Vongola Primo gives this mysterious presence and fire burning eyes whenever they show up in their own story. Both of them are also have kind-heart who are willing to sacrifice themselves in the effort to save the lives of the weak. To me, both of these characters gives me a excitement whenever I see them in their own story. As for the background, both of them are in Japan and are in the Tokugawa Period. Kenshin as the great grandson of Vongola Primo? haha.. yeah, right.!

Vongola Primo Similarities Ging Freecss from the series Hunter x Hunter
→ Similar as Vongola Primo, Ging Freecss is also a very mysterious character in the series Hunter x Hunter. He is a well known powerful Hunter that Gon, the protagonist, is looking forward to become. Ging is Gon's father, but just like Tsunayoshi, Gon is becoming like his father naturally from his personality to his own special skills. Tsunayoshi on the other hand is just like Gon, and is a Xerox copy of Vongola Primo. From their appearance to their natural heart, the blood of Vongola runs through Tsunayoshi. When the blood of Vongola heats up, Tsunayoshi becomes exactly like Vongola Primo with their powers and the color of their burning eyes. Gon becoming the next best Hunter like his father, is exactly like what is happening to Tsunayoshi. Not that he wanted to as much as Gon, but both of them has their own destiny that is already written for them. It's like Ging to Vongola Primo and Gon to Tsuna.