The real past of Vongola Primo


As the battle between the Vongola and Shimon, a one on one battle happened. After the battle and the loser is taken, a fragment of memory are released to both the Vongola and Shimon family members are shown. These memories are about the truth between what truly happened between Giotto and Cozart. More importantly, it is the moment when Giotto shows up in the story, even though it only contains a few pages. These page summarizes the scenes which where shown in the manga. Currently this part of the series is still ongoing, so this part is not yet finished.

Giotto Vongola Primo Image Giotto Vongola Primo Image Giotto Vongola Primo Image
These are the mementos that symbolizes the fragment memories.


The First Key: Bag

The first meeting of Vongola Primo - Giotto and Cozart Shimon.

Giotto: Hey, you! You with the read hair... you dropped your wallet in Paolo`s shed.
Cozart: ah.. well you got me there.. I dropped that wallet on purpose. Paolo is horribly bullied by his master, and I couldn`t bear to watch his family go without eating or drinking anymore.
Giotto: Oh.. then it looks like I did something unnecessary.. but you don`t need to worry about Paolo. because we just dropped the rations we collected in there as well.
Cozart: haha.. you guys did the same thing?
- Kaktekyo Hitman Reborn Chapter 308

In this memory, it seems that Giotto and Cozart were young, but were both exposed in the truth about reality. Both Vongola Primo and Cozart began to have a deeper relationship since both of them are doing the same thing: helping the weak. Cozart left his wallet in purpose to help a Paolo, a man who is badly treated by his own master. Doing a good deed, Vongola Primo followed Cozart and returned his wallet to him after he went to Paolo just before Cozart left the place. After Giotto returned the wallet to Cozart, Cozart told them that he did it on purpose to help Paolo. Vongola Primo indirectly apologized, but told Cozart that they dropped food to Paolo. Both of them laugh when they realized that they did the same thing. And thus the strong friendship began. Also, it was only G., Giotto`s right hand man who was currently his only guardian at that time.


The Second Key: Flower

The reason of the creation of Vongola Family.

I love this town.. It`s a poor town but it shines like the sun.. the town`s people are always happy and I like their smile..
- Giotto | Chapter 313

The town that Vongola Primo treasures had become a paradise for the outlaws. They threaten the people in the town and take their money away. In range, Vongola Primo shouted that being quiet about what is happening and letting the town fall into ruin is too much for him to handle. He was angered even by the thought of it. Surprisingly, Cozart told Giotto to start a vigilante group since nobody will help them and it is up to them to save the town. He told Giotto that a powerful leader like the "like the sky that can wrap up rain, storm, and even the sun" must lead. And the only one who could do it was Giotto.


The Third Key: Letter

The letter that Vongola Primo - Giotto sent to Cozart.

Hi Cozart, How are you? I hope you receive this letter since you don`t have a fixed address. Actually, I`m the one who`s supposed to have the free life that you`re leading right now, you know. Now, I have gained trustworthy comrades one after another, and the bond of the family has gotten stronger. The organization has continued to grow bigger and bigger since. It`s a giant organization that even the police can`t interfere recklessly with. However, it scares me sometimes.. where it is what I really wanted to do.. it makes me wonder if the Vongola that I created, in order to save things precious to me, has now actually become something fearful to people.. I`d like to know if there`s a right answer? I`m sorry to make you listen to me whine, Cozart.. since you`re the only one who I can talk to about his.. sorry about telling you this right after what I said, but actually, the biggest war ever is coming up soon. It`ll be a dangerous fight even though I`ve gathered all of the Vongola`s forces.. I know that you`re a boss and leading fifty excellent members. Would you lend me your power? Cozart, I`d like to see you too.
- Giotto | Chapter 316

I am still in debate about what truly happened from this letter. One theory I have is that while the Shimon family is loosing against 20 thousand men, Giotto probably tried to save him and come to him. However, he might have been too late. To harden my speculation, it is also the "SIN" or Cozart`s blood which is the Vongola`s family heirloom. How would Vongola Primo manage to get raw blood from Cozart if he died without Vongola Primo with his side, or as I have said, he might have arrived there too late. But there is also this, the Vongola family put the blame to the Shimon family? Why is that.. we will know as the truth is shown further.