The history of the Vongola Family


Vongola Primo created the Vongola family in the effort to become a group of vigilante who exists to help the weak and to be able to protect the people important to Giotto. However, as they issue their agenda the more enemy they get. As far as power, greed for power was the main reason the Vongola First Generation was ruined which lead Giotto to leave the country and retire in Japan.

Vongola First Generation Family

Betrayal?It all started when one of his guardians did not approve of Giotto`s ideals and stated that the weak people doesn`t deserve to saved. Daemon, the arrogant and ruthless inconsiderate guardian of Giotto eventually betrayed him. Daemon has a strong devotion and loyalty towards the Vongola Family, however, he wanted more power and have the Vongola family to be the strongest of all. Vongola slipped from Giotto`s hands and made him realized to retire early as the boss and leave the family to the second boss. It might looked like Giotto was a coward, and the reason of Daemon`s betrayal was not clear in the story. In my theory, there is a possibility that all his guardians where in pain and in deep danger which put him in a corner to take only one choice which was to leave. All his fellow guardians except Daemon retired the family, which also meant that Daemon probably became the hidden leader while using the 2nd boss, since Giotto was already away. Daemon started converted the Vongola family from vigilante`s to mafia.

If this speculation was true, then why did Giotto did not make a move to protect his family from Daemon`s opposite ideals. Was he just tired and regretted creating such a family? Did he gave up? then let us find out further to this page.

Revenge, Ambush, Eradicate.. The Vongola`s past sins. Murder. Revenge. Betrayal. and insatiable thirst for power. This is the blood-stained history of the Vongola Mafia. - Chapter 158

Vongola Primo In Chapter 158, when Tsuna met all the Vongola bosses, the Vongola`s past sins where mentioned. It may have seemed that the Vongola started to became a true Mafia after Daemon`s betrayal towards Giotto. Vongola`s original ideals were to help weak people had changed to greed and conquer. On the other hand, since Tsuna is the great great great grandson of Giotto and they have the same kind heart, it might have seemed that the Vongola Family will once again become what Giotto had hoped for it to be. In the story, as the Vongola bosses tells Tsuna to accept all the dirt of Vongola since it is his destiny to become the next boss, Tsuna proclaimed that he refuses to become the boss if he could not protect everyone if he is to become the 10th generation boss. He shouted that he then will destroy Vongola if the family exist for destruction and power.

If you want me to inherit such mistakes.. then.. I will wipe out the Vongola - Tsuna | Chapter 158

After he had said it, all the Vongola bosses lined up and showed up infront of Tsuna. All the bosses especially Giotto`s Will are engraved in the Vongola Ring of Sky. Giotto answered that he had accepted Tsuna`s resolution.

To flourish or to perish.. it is up to you Vongola Decimo. I have been waiting for you. Now it is time for you to inherit.. The proof of the Vongola. - Giotto | Chapter 158

As it is mentioned, Giotto tells Tsuna that he had been waiting for him which meant that Tsuna is the one destined to save the Vongola family from all the disputes, betrayal, revenge, and other dirt that the Vongola created. If you think about it, Vongola Primo might have known that the only answer to save the Vongola is to have a boss that has a different kind of heart who is far from the Mafia world. Which leads us to the reason why Vongola Primo retired and went to Japan. He probably thought that having a family outside the Mafia world will bore a destined boss to save his Mafia family. It did took centuries to have his great great great grandson to inherit his throne and to bring his first ideals as to save the weak and his strong sense of justice, but it is better than letting Vongola into ruins.