Giotto / Leyatsu Sawada


Vongola Primo Title: Vongola Primo
Italian Name: Giotto
Japanese Name: Leyatsu Sawada
Birthdate: January 1
Status: First Boss of the Vongola Mafia Family *deceased
Flame: Sky
Voice actor: Daisuke Namikawa

His name Giotto is a variation of an old German name "Godfrey" which means God-peace. The name Giotto origins from German, but is is most used in Italian. Giotto is also a variation of the English name "Jeffrey".

Giotto who is mostly called as Vongola Primo is the first boss of the Vongola Mafia family, which is one of the strongest family in the mafia world. He created the Vongola Family in the effort to become a vigilante group to protect those who are weak. He has a calm disposition and a maturity of a leader in an early age. His specific age was not given in the story but it is known that he was in his early 20s when he was on his throne. He was a strong leader willing to protect his family and give justice to those who were over powered by the stronger. He was a person who forgives and never holds a grudge to anyone even if he was betrayed by his own fellow friend, Daemon; whom he still considered as his guardian, friend, and family. Giotto is said to be the strongest boss of all the Vongola or Sky Boss. As the family becomes more peculiar from what he expected the family to become, Giotto, sealed the power of the rings which symbolizes their family. He went to Japan to retire.

It is a known fact that Vongola Primo has passed away a long time ago. It is not his soul or ghost which appears in the series but his Will. It is said that there is a legend that said the Vongola rings holds the living will of the first generation family which makes Giotto appears in front of Tsuna whenever he is summoned. Giotto accepted the Sky Arcobaleno`s, a group made of strongest seven infants who possesses pacifiers, conditions which made the power of Arcobaleno to be able to call upon the Will of the first generation Vongola with the rings.

Vongola Primo came from a rich family. In Chapter 313 of the series, he was wearing a more high class and appropriate clothing and was just walking around town. He also mentioned that he have heard about the Shimon family from his father, which would mean that his father is a powerful person to be able to have a lot of sources and to know about the families in Italy. Also, Vongola Primo already had a guardian, G., and even before he started the vigilante group that he created afterwards. Which would have mean, he is a son of an important family to have an appointed bodyguard by his side to protect him.

Guardians: (consists of 6 who has similar appearances like Tsuna`s guardians) Alaude, Asari, Daemon, G., Knuckle, and Lampo.